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Requests for: Torrance Memorial

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SANITIZER • New hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes such as PDI, Clorox or other brand • New clinical grade disinfectants including wipes, sprays and sanitization solutions with at least 70% alcohol MASKS • New mask/respirator masks in boxed or packaged form • New isolation/procedures surgical masks in unopened boxes or packages • New N95 masks in boxed or packaged form ✓ Preference will be given to unexpired N95s from 3M ✓ Cannot accept physical damaged (creased, broken, water/liquid damaged) or soiled respirators GLOVES • Latex-free gloves in all sizes • Must be in unopened boxes GOWNS / SHOE COVERS • New clinical gowns and New shoe covers • Isolation gowns must be fluid resistant, not necessarily fluid impermeable FACE SHIELDS / GOGGLES • New plastic face shields • Must be fluid resistant and goggles must prevent any splashes to eyes No image given Click here Show